Feranis' Eberron Game

The Story So Far

The story began with the party as crew aboard the House Lyrandar airship Pegazus, an on-again off-again pirate vessel, just returned to their “hub” of Sharn from a semi-successful adventure. The crew dithered in town for a few days, raiding brothels and fighting vampires, before setting (metaphorical) sail for a job raiding a caravan in Karrnath.

On their way to Karrnath they took a shortcut through the Mournland, encountering strange things and doing a fair job not getting eaten by them. It was here that Roywyn acquired Blobbins, a diminutive and friendly living spell. It was also on this journey through the wastes of Cyre that Viertel got killed, succumbing to the attacks of some undead shadows lurking in the ship’s hold. He reappeared the next day, though, hale and hearty, so there was little cause for mourning.

After reaching Karrnath, the crew stalked the caravan, sneaking in during the night and attempting to liberate their goods. This effort eventually broke out into a fight, although the group managed to get away with a significant haul and no casualties of note. They then flew to Stormhome, the northern seat of House Lyrandar’s power, for repairs to the ship and to offload their take.

In Stormhome, the Pegazus was saddled with a prominent son of the House and his valuable-but-mysterious cargo, both bound for Sharn. Once repairs were completed, they left, fighting off an ambush from what were later identified as agents of the Emerald Claw, presumably there to steal the secret cargo. The attackers were fought off with relative ease, and the cargo eventually delivered safely (and still mysterious).

Their recent work having left the crew wealthy, or at least less poor, Alula treated them to dinner at one of Sharn’s more posh restaurants. Receiving a secret missive there about the possibility of another job, the group headed to the Skyway, Sharn’s floating, affluent district. There they made the acquaintance of Lady Aliste d’Cannith, a noble with a problem. She tasked the group to seek out a missing team of researchers for her, lost deep in the jungles of Xen’Drik.

The Pegazus set out for the enigmatic southern continent of Xen’Drik, crossing the Thunder Sea and arriving at Stormreach, the major center of civilization in that land. There Viertel chose to reveal that he was not in fact the drow warrior the others believed, but a changeling named Caeth who took the other’s identity after his death in the Mournland. Alula, fearing Caeth intended to take over the Pegazus by force, warned the rest of the party away and engaged the changeling in combat, eventually destroying both of them and the ship as well in a blast of magical fire.

Roywyn, now in charge of what remained of the group, had no time to mourn nor even to clean up the wreckage of the ship, as another of the survivors was under a magical compulsion to pursue the Lady d’Cannith’s mission. Quickly striking a bargain with the reclusive kobold sorcerer Hassalac Chaar for gear and a guide (in the form of another kobold, Chacharizandimar), they ventured into the steamy rainforest.

The depths of Xen’Drik held a great many strange secrets, from tracts of magically-altered terrain to the crumbling cities of the ancient giant civilization. The party eventually reached their destination, apparently a creation forge for some sort of prototypical warforged. The group found one of the missing researchers’ guards, who informed them that a band of modern warforged had captured the rest, taking them back north toward Stormreach.

Pausing briefly to scout out another ruin on Hassalac’s behalf, and therein accidentally raising the spirit of a long-dead giant necromancer, who they then left to his own devices, the group made their way back to civilization. They tracked the kidnapped researchers back through Stormreach and clear back to Sharn. With the help of their new friend Gareth d’Deneith and his seagoing connections, they overtook the warforged just before reaching the city, defeating the constructs easily and rescuing the lost research team.

The group took some time here to rest and recuperate, reporting in to Baron Harman d’Lyrandar about the loss of the Pegazus and Alula, and returning their human cargo to Lady d’Cannith in exchange for a large cash bounty. They also spent some time recruiting new bodies and encountering new threats, most notably some shadows and a cloaked figure associated in some way with them.

The Baron offered the group new work at this point and, with few other prospects, they accepted. Helping to move some House Lyrandar goods, the party ran afoul of the cloaked figure and her undead minions again. After defeating their foe again, they dropped off the goods and proceeded to track her back to her base of operations, a ship down at the docks of the Grayflood District. An attempt at infiltration quickly turned into a scuffle, and then a hasty retreat.

The villainess, some of her plans stolen by Ch’Cha, apparently decided to change them. As the party fled back toward House Lyrandar’s Docking Tower, a path of destruction followed in their wake. The shadows, let loose upon the populace of Sharn, quickly multiplied into an unstoppable force, rolling across the city toward the airship docks. Once there, they showed the Baron what they had found, and he quickly determined that their foe was seeking to steal enough parts to construct an airship of her own, and that the wave of destruction was probably not so much following the party as it was coming deliberately to the Docking Tower.

Evacuating as many as they could from the tower, the party, with the Baron and his personal guard, set themselves to defend the last two airships still docked, as there were no pilots left. The wave of undead came at them before long, and in the struggle that ensued, the Baron fell to the blade of the cloaked figure. Roywyn went to his aid, but found herself confronted by the figure, who revealed herself to be Alula, somehow returned to life. The captain-turned-enemy monologued at Roywyn for a time, decrying the gnome as a betrayer, and eventually used some strange new power to stop her former friend’s heart. Saying that they were “even, now” she threw the dying Roywyn overboard and took to the skies in the airship, not staying long enough to see Ch’Cha swoop down and rescue the tumbling gnome.


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