Chacharizandimar Springer-of-Spikes, kobold adventurer!


Name: Chacharizandimar Springer-of-Spikes (Ch’Cha) Race: Isvern Kobold (dragonwrought, gold) Class/Level: Rogue 3 Artificer 3 Kobold Ranger 1 Str: 10 Dex: 16 Con: 10 Int: 16 Wis: 10 Cha: 12

Speed: 40 (30 + Quick) INit: +3 HP: 24 FORT save: 4 REF save: 9 (6+3) WILL save: 4

AC: 20 (Touch 14, Flatfoot 17)

BAB: 4 MAB: 5 RAB: 8

MW Shortsword: +8 to hit, 1d4+1 damage Shortbow, Comp MW, +10 to hit, 1d4+1 damage Daggers, 5 (+6/+9) 1d3+1 damage

Skills: Appraise: 3 Balance: 5 Bluff: 1 Climb: 0 concentration: 5 Craft: Trapsmith: 10 craft: Alchemy: 9 Decipher Script: 4 Diplomacy: 1 Disable Device: 14 Disguise: 1 Escape Artist: 3 Forgery: 3 Gather Info:3 Handle Animal - Heal: 2 Hide: 12 Intimidate: 1 Jump: 12 KS: Arcana: 8 KS: Nature: 7 Listen: 0 Move Silently: 9 Open Lock: 13 Profession: Miner: 2 Ride: 3 Search: 13 Sense Motive: 0 Sleight of Hand: 4 Spellcraft: 10 Spot: 8 Survival: 5 Swim: Tumble: 10 Use Magic Device: 11 Use Rope: 3 Languages: Draconic, drow, giant, sylvan

Feats, Abilities, etc:

Quick: (+10’ speed, -1 hp/level)

Dragonwrought: (immune to sleep/paralysis, dragon type, darkvision 60’, low-light vision, +2 Heal skill)

Dragon Wings: +10 Jump checks, Glide 30’

Sneak attack 2d6 Trapfinding Trap sense +1 Evasion Uncanny Dodge

Artificer Knowledge Artisan Bonus, Disable trap, item creation (scrolls, potions, wonderous items), scribe scroll

Favored enemy Drow: +2 Hide, listen, move silent, spot, survival, track.

Light Sensitivity: Dazzled in bright light, -1 attack, spot, search

Scent: Detect opponents by smell within 30’

5 1st level infusions/day 3 2nd level infusions/day

Magic Items:

Utility Harness of Haversackiness, Amulet of Nightmare Detection, Universal Solvent, Bracer of Gnome Disguise (melted), Wand of Magic Missiles (5 charges gone), Arcane Key, Featherfall Talismans 2, Cure Light Wounds potion 5, Hat of Disguise, Quaal’s Feather Tokens Tree, Bird, Saguaro, Paper Golem, ???, chicken (5), bigger fish, masterwork studded leather +1

Scrolls: create water, mage hand, leo tiny hut, rope trick, message, detect magic, ghost sound, true strike, animate rope, expeditions retreat, sanctuary, cause fear, entangle, magic weapon, lesser restoration, tenser’s disk, burning hands, cat’s grace, bull’s strength, web, water breathing

Normal Items:

Acid flask (5), Alchemist’s fire (10), Antitoxin (4), Holy water (4), Smokestick (4), Tanglefoot bag (3), thunderstone (2), Tindertwigs (50), Climber’s Kit, Masterwork theives tools, 50’ silk rope, 3 days rations, everburning torch, 1000 gp worth of trapmaking stuff; wire, springs, tools, etc, 3 packs of cigarettes, hooded cloak, tunic, tail spike


Ch’Cha was hatched in the high secret mountain ayries of the irsvern. Shrouded in legend, these colonies of winged kobolds are very secret and Ch’Cha will die before he reveals any of their secrets. Suffice to say, Ch’Cha was even among these dramatic draconic beings an elegant specimen. He was infused with the blood of one of the most powerful of dragon types, that of the Golden dragon, and his scales gleamed with a metallic luster, and elegant whiskers fringed his muzzle. But most beautiful of all were his wings, great wide sails that erupted from his shoulders and frilled down to the very end of his tail, splashed and dappled in all the colors of a sunrise and rippling like a magic carpet in flight. To match his dramatic appearance, Ch’Cha was young and daring and arrogant and proud, and from an early age sought glory and power. He studied in the craft of the trapsmith and the artificer, and showed great talent for mechanical and arcane engineering. And he accompanied an Irsvern raiding party to the dark lands of Xen’Drik, to recover some ancient technologies and dragonshards. It was an unusual place for one so young, but Cha was both talented and insistent. But when their secret scouting party had ridden the winds and landed there under cover of deepest darkness, the young Ch’Cha happened to spot the signs of a Drow encampment not far away. Rather than bring this to the attention of his tribe, he decided to sneak off and attempt to steal from the Drow, so as to further prove his daring and greatness. And he was caught. In a simple, net-like trap. The Drow were delighted with their prey, and scoured the surrounding area to see if there were any others of this strange kobold type; most of the others managed to escape, but several were killed. Ch’Cha alone was taken alive, and the Drow, elves at their heart, connoisseurs of beauty and cruelty, were not blind to his appearance, and they spared his life. The Drow had been encamped for a lengthy investigation of a giant ruin, and they took the kobold back to decorate their temporary home. One of their artist/arcanists, named Kalindrel, created a work he called “Ugly Butterfly”; Ch’Cha was fixed with his back flat against a wall, and many great metal staples pinning his wings outstretched against the wall, even down to a band that pinned the last section of his tail. His arms and legs and mouth were left free, though they bound him still and silent with pretty ribbons when entertaining in that room. Soon enough a group of heroes came to investigate the ruins, and the Drow dealt with them quickly, but again decided to spare one among them; A gnome named Padruig, a rogue and locksmith. Knowing the great racial hate between the kobolds and the gnomes, the Drow found it amusing to make the gnome be the caretaker of their art piece. They broke Padruig’s hands in several places so he could do little more than roughly clasp a handle or a rag, and, after some discussion, decided that since he was still somewhat taller than the kobold, things should be equal between the two, so they burned off his legs at the knees, and set him to feed and clean up after the crucified kobold. This also prevented him from escaping, for the only exits from the room depended on leaping a chasm that a drow could cross in a full swift stride. Padruig and Ch’Cha hated each other but in the long hours where they were alone with but the other for company, reached a sort of truce. Padruig, friendly and cheerful as most gnomes are, managed to slowly work through Ch’Cha’s hostility. For he had a plan for escape. If Cha could be freed, he could leap the chasm and put a board or log across for Padruig to follow, and they two of them could escape together. He taught Cha some of the locksmithing skill that would be needed if they were to escape the hall together, and Cha was a quick study. Cha agreed to the escape plan although Padruig was still trying to figure out all the details, but Cha was willing to do anything to get free and sail the sky once more. Eventually the Drow were almost finished with their exploration and collections from this location, and when they moved on, they planned to mercifully kill both kobold and gnome, rather than take them along. Padruig had been unable to determine the magical means by which Cha’s staples had been fixed in the wall, so, with time running out, at last he had to resort to desperate measures. He managed to steal a flask of the concentrated scorpion venom that the drow used, which burns flesh away, the same substance that they had dipped his legs in. And one day as the Drow were away, he took this flask and hastily painted along the line of thin membrane and sinew and bone that marked where Cha’s wings joined his body. The kobold would have screamed in his rage and agony but the gnome had trussed his mouth and limbs beforehand, as the acidic venom seared and bubbled and with a final sickening sound the kobold tore free, leaving his wings and tail behind pinned to the wall, and with a line of smoking scars running down from his shoulders to the half-length of his tail. Padruig helped him free his hands and he tore loose the bands from his feet and mouth and unleashed a storm of fury at the gnome, but Padruig only said, “You still have four usable limbs which is more than I’ve got, so that makes us almost equal after all, doesn’t it? Now come on, we’ve got to get out of here—” Cursing and stumbling, Ch’Cha staggered out of the hall on atrophied limbs but came to the chasm barrier and launched himself across it; his muscles instinctively tried to unfurl wings no longer there and agony shot through him yet again, and though he crossed the gap, he landed with an awkward faceplant on the other side. And Padruig, giddy with the hope of escape, laughed at his clumsiness. Cha stood up, and glared back at the laughing stump-legged gnome on the other side of the chasm, and instead of finding a means to help his benefactor escape, he only turned and staggered for the exit, alone. He made his way out into the jungles of Xen’Drik and managed several miles before finding a river, and he slipped into the cooling waters and let them carry him many more miles downstream. Near the coast, he finally caught scent of other kobolds, and made his way to their tribal village. They could tell from his scent that he was not like them, but they welcomed him warily. He spent many months there, recovering, learning the ways of the kobold ranger, and further honing his trap skills so that he could never again be caught so easily. But because he was not like them, the tribe never truly warmed to him, the females would not mate with him, and in time the chief of the tribe began to worry that the newcomer might threaten his rule. So Ch’Cha left again, wandering, until at last he came to the city of Stormreach. Here he was outcast and strange too, but among many who were the same, and he found Hassalac who took him in as an employee, with payment always being deferred. Hasslac could help him, but so far has always asked for one more favor, one more week of service, and Ch’Cha has no choice but to obey. His addiction to tobacco came from his time in the city, and now he wears armor and lets his scales become grimy with soot and grease so that they show no tint of his golden hide. He clips his whiskers regularly and his scars have mostly healed; his tail-spike, the work of a master craftsman, hides his lost length. He once again plies his skill as trapsmith and artificer, but now for common coin to feed his addiction and greed, instead of to help his tribe and win honor and glory. He makes complex devices that only he can use, and tucks them away for later. He is sullen, bitter, and dispirited… but sometimes he looks upwards at the turning birds high above, and hopes.

As it happened, Cha’s salvation came once more in the form of a gnome. He acknowledged Roywyn as the ‘leader’ of the group, and settled into his place. Being part of a team again gave him some comfort in itself, even if it was a ridiculous and mish-mash group of warmblood races. Despite his initial misgivings, Roywyn proved herself an admirable leader. Several times she saved his life at the risk of her own; from a gelatinous cube, from the collapsing forge, etc. Reluctant though he was, angry though it made him, Cha had to admit he owed her a life-debt by any standards. That she seems to actually like him confuses him rather. He has set himself up as her personal body-guard, rarely letting her go unaccompanied where there might be danger, and constantly alert for any threat to her life. Upon completion of their mission in Xen’drik, Hassalac ‘rewarded’ Cha with a large flask of potion that would, taken over time, restore his lost wings. Cha also purchased a magical disguise to hide his real form, fearing that if he became recognizable as an Irsvern, he would become a target for the nameless enemies he’d always been warned about in his youth. The potion caused lots of fearsome itching as its work was done, but eventually after several weeks Cha was restored. Concomitant to this was his arrival in Sharn. The city was so incredibly large and complex, and its towers and flight-magic zones so appealing, the Cha was quite taken with the city and thought perhaps he could stay there. Hassalaac had hinted that his fears about revealing his appearance were unjustified, and here it seemed to be true enough; this vast city with so many people with their own concerns, never having a thought or a care for something as small and insignificant as kobolds. There were stranger things than him walking the very streets! But overall there remains the question of his twin alleigances; to Roywyn, his leader and, dare he think it, friend, whom he owes a debt of life itself… and to Hassalaac, who has shown him that what has been given, can be taken, and in whose power he still remains.


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